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    Stella Collection

    Rubinetterie Stella, Novara

    A collection of taps that stands out for the possibility to produce many different versions starting from the same base and mechanism. Many variants of the product, unique and radically different from each other, can be obtained simply changing the terminal lever. The tap is designed as graphic sign, a technical lever or as precious element to customize the bathroom. Each version design expresses explicit references to a peculiar aesthetics.

    client: Stella Rubinetterie
    year: 2005
    project by: Alessandro Villa

    Above: the openwork lettering of the 'hot' and 'cold' writings reinterprets a typical element of the taps of the past. Lettering takes on a symbolic meaning in addition to the functional value.

     - Alessandro Villa architect

    Technical elegance has always distinguished the world of sailing. The design of this version immediately suggests the reference to the rudder.

     - Alessandro Villa architect

    The design is simple and incisive in the version inspired by the accessories of the sports cars of the 60s and 70s.

     - Alessandro Villa architect

    The charm of the metropolis celebrated by American cinema. The vaguely Deco design of this version is a tribute to the sophisticated comedies of the 1930s, but it could also be found in the refined interiors of the best Woody Allen films.