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    Furniture design

    Digital wear

    Kitchen System design, Casa Décor Exhibition, Spain

    Elegant dress-code for a kitchen system; finishes are designed as a fabric and are produced with the same digital printing techniques that are used for fabrics. In this case digital print is applied to high-pressure laminate panels.
    The vertical lines are inspired by a printed fabric with wide and narrow bands of white and pearl gray color, marked by thin “pencil” lines, precisely graphite color. The basic idea of ​​the composition starts from perception. The vertical lines of the decoration are balanced by the horizontal line, thin and sharp, of the tops.
    Overall, a balanced geometry, is easy to read also in the design of the cabinets and columns for the built-in appliances. 
    Surfaces are further enriched by the combination with the tops and some satin steel panels. What color is steel? It is white, gray, blue. It is often the color of the light and the space that is reflected in it.
    The overall effect is a 
    ton sur ton mix of delicate colors.
     As in a high fashion dress, to remain in the metaphor, the coral-colored aluminum handles are a precious detail that decorate the furniture like the buttons of a dress. The seemingly random position responds to the best functionality.  

    client: Casa Decor
    year: 2009
    project by: Alessandro Villa
    project assistant: Roberto Zoccali

     - Alessandro Villa architect