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  • Ceramic coverings design - Alessandro Villa architect

    Workshop and research

    Ceramic coverings design

    Mirage Granito Ceramico/Polythecnic University of Milan

    Research project for the Italian ceramic manufacturer Mirage focused on porcelain coatings design. The project involved students in Interior Design in the form of experimental laboratory, a formula that mirrors a trend research office. The team was engaged on the themes of perception, surfaces, aesthetic and cultural references. "New scenarios for ceramic coatings design”, this is the title of the workshop that addressed the issues of residential interiors innovation. In recent years, the aesthetic and especially in technical performances of ceramic products fast evolved, to the point of changing the perception of consumers in respect of this type of coating. Ceramics are no longer an alternative and economical choice to ancient tradition materials, like wood and stone, but an essential product in contemporary interiors. This evolution has broken new ground in the study of more and more pleasant surfaces, integrated with the architectural features and in step with the new languages of furnishings.  

    client: Mirage Granito Ceramico Spa
    location: Milan
    year: 2014/15
    workshop concept and management: 
    Alessandro Villa
    design team: Massimo Duroni, Costanza Dellerba

    Image above: MOERU, Margherita Bertellini, Jessica Fanuli, Sofia Vitali

     - Alessandro Villa architect

    MOERU Margherita Bertellini, Jessica Fanuli, Sofia Vitali

     - Alessandro Villa architect

    QUSM Andrea Giacobazzi, Stefano Lamenta, Silvia Mazzoleni

     - Alessandro Villa architect

    REVERSE Ilaria Lambri, Elena Martucci, Alessandra Negrini

     - Alessandro Villa architect

    IMPONDERABILE Monica Bacelin, Stefano Pelati, Sabrina Pippa