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  • Braccialini Headquarters - Alessandro Villa architect

    Braccialini Headquarters

    Design competition for a new facade

    The project renews the factory of the historic Braccialini brand with a new "skin" that decorates the building and at the same time protects it from the sun. The design of the new facade is defined by the repetition of a circular element that combines constructive simplicity and a rich variety of visual effects in the different conditions of natural and artificial light. The new circular elements are mounted on modular frames to be fixed to the existing structure. This solution is designed to create an iridescent effect with the change of light and the observation point, also in consideration of the dynamic perception from the nearby motorway. In terms of color, the panels play on two elegant shades of grey and red that give personality to the whole. In particular, the red panels emphasize the position of the entrance, the windows and the main sign. The rims of the new coating, with a diameter of 60 cm and a depth of 20 cm, are made with a thin calendered and painted sheet. Inside them are fixed transparent compact polycarbonate panels of different colors. Polycarbonate was chosen for the lightness of the material, for its outdoor resistance, as well as for durability without maintenance.

    client: Braccialini
    year: 2022
    project by: Alessandro Villa

    design team: 
    Amanda Barros De Melo

     - Alessandro Villa architect

    Exploded axo of the facade

     - Alessandro Villa architect

    Front elevation and section

     - Alessandro Villa architect